Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Might Be A Math Geek If...

... you just got back from your kids' school trip and you saw this headline in


and you strongly suspected that this is a heart in polar coordinate, and you could not do anything else until you plotted it to know for sure.

Well, it happened to me and here is the picture:

I guess I have too much useless information in my head.  

Also, for an extra level of math-geekiness, here is a Sierpinski Valentine from one of my favorite web comic sites, xkcd:

I think it is a very funny play on the Sierpinski triangle, a famous fractal (a shape that exhibits self similarity, like clouds, beaches, rivers, leaves, etc.)

Anyway, if you fancy a girl or a boy who is into math, this info might come in handy next Valentine day, or not.

P.S.  My 3-year-old daughter Tatia took the picture below using my wife's DSLR during the school trip.  Either she is a very talented child or this confirms my belief that if you generate a lot of pictures, some are bound to be good!

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