Thursday, October 18, 2007

T3 (AKA Tanya Saipetch) Has Arrived

Tanya is the biggest of all the T's, weighing in at 3,740 grams (8.2 lbs) and 52 cm (20.5") long. (Titus was 3,200 grams and Tatia was 3,000 grams.) She was born at 11:47 a.m.

She also has a lot of hair, an unusual occurrence in the history of the T's.

Aor and I came to Bangpo Hospital around 9 a.m. because today is the 39-week day for Tanya. Since Aor had caesarean sections for Titus and Tatia before, she would need to have another one for Tanya. I was a bit excited last night because this was the first time that we knew the date that the baby would come out--the other two times happened surprisingly, before the 39-week mark. Anyway, once we got to the operating room, it was quite familiar and calm. I recorded the procedure using a camcorder, being careful to record internal organs that Aor requested to see.

The operation started at 11 a.m. It took about 30 minutes to bring Tanya out and another 90 minutes to patch Aor up. Aor felt better than the last two times and she is now sleeping.

When asked about his feeling about another sister, Titus said, "I will delight her with hot chocolate."

When asked the same, Tatia said, "I'm a princess, whee, whee." (Thanks, Kevin & Rechelle!)

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3. I will enroll Tanya in my advanced traning program.


Mary said...

Congratulations! It's a beautiful day when a new baby comes into your world! I hope she likes to sleep at night.

Mary Trotta

Ko Saipetch said...

Thanks Mary!

Aor is recuperating really well and Titus and Tatia are very excited with their new sister.

Tanya has so much hair that even Titus commented on it!