Friday, October 26, 2007

Traveller's Guides To The Universe

I found a few links that might be handy when we all can explore space:

1. The Atlas of the Universe. Don't forget to look at the whole map.
2. What we can expect to see outside the window when we travel very fast: What would a relativistic interstellar traveller see?
3. Also, can we see the Lorentz-Fitzgeral contraction when we travel very fast?

To have some ideas about how big the universe is, think about this: In one second, light can travel the distance equivalent to about 7 times the Earth circumference. It takes light about 8 minutes to travel fromt the Sun to Earth. It takes light about 4 years to reach the nearest star outside the solar system. And it takes more than 10,000,000,000 years for light emitted by the farthest objects we can observe to reach Earth.

So, my plan is to live long enough to upload my brain state to cyborgs, wait till we have a warp drive, and explore the universe! :-D

Or maybe I will stay on Earth and watch Discovery Channel.

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