Sunday, December 25, 2005

Advanced Trainings For My Children

At Saipetch household, we have a variety of advanced traning programs for toddlers, ranging from controlled breathing for meditation, pain suppression through self-hypnosis, kung-fu, concert pianist lessons, manipulation of the space-time including all the 11 dimensions of the universe, cloning T. Rex, and how to make world-famous hamburgers, etc. (ถ้าคุณไม่เห็นรูปอะไร กดมาที่ เพื่อดูรูป)

It's very important to start training the children at a relatively young age to achieve maximum results.

Aor and I are very proud to announce that our two children enthusiastically enrolled in two such advanced courses today.

Now that Titus is 28 months old, he is starting his training in my world-famous crime-fighting program (Figure 1.) This is imperative because, as the future inventor of the warp drive, Titus must necessarily assume the role of a time-travelling enforcer to prevent criminals from messing with our universe's chronology.)

Figure 1

Aor also enrolled Tatia (20 days old) into her Orpheus whistling program (Figure 2.) We suspect the ability to resurrect the dead with music will be very hip in about 20 years. We would prefer the Phra-A-Pai-Ma-Nee training but it's a lost art and neither of us can google it.

Figure 2

Their upcoming tremendous progress will be reported in this blog in the near future.


chris said...

How cool would a spaceship be if it is build by/for Batman?

Dave Rosendahl said...

Concert piano lessons? Can I help?? :-)


Anonymous said...

Sage advice indeed. But, as science fiction has shown us time and time again, good training is no substitue for a radioactive spider bite, being born on another planet, or a massive dose of gamma rays. I am working on ways to artifically induce these circumstances to further advance our children on their path of life. I'll let you know how it goes.
-- Matt