Monday, April 03, 2006

Weightlessness & Reconnaissance Training

On Saturday April 1, 2006, Titus and Tatia learned two new lessons from my world-famous crime fighting program. (Goto if you don't see any pictures.)

In the first half the the day, they underwent an introductory lesson in weightlessness, a very useful skill when they need to chase criminals over inter-galactic distance:

In the afternoon, they learned about covert operations. The first thing to learn was about reconnaissance. Tatia learned to use her finger-radio to report her observations to the base while Titus operated microscopic binoculars, aptly disguised as a harmless, small black plastic disk:

The training robot (which participated as the enemy target) spotted Tatia's huge head and tagged her with paralyzing beam, while Titus looked on in amazement:

Considering their young ages, getting tagged by the training robot on the first day is considered normal. They will surely continue to refine their skills in the coming weeks.

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