Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Very, Very Short Stories

There is an annual competition for fictions that use no more than 55 words.

The rule for entering the contest can be found here.

A few of of current winners I like are:


The subway lurched, throwing her into his arms.

He’s strong, protective, loving, she thought. We’ll marry at a seaside resort and have four beautiful children.

He lifted her up and smiled. I’ll always be faithful. When we’re old, we’ll travel the world together.

The train slowed. She moved to the door.


"Don’t mention it."

Chris Orcutt
Mount Vernon, NY


Persuasion enticed her there. Music played. Harmony danced with Rhythm. Charm brushed a hand across her cheek, attracting Desire.

She thought she heard Sincerity; it was Seduction. He introduced Lust. Party over, the guest list lay forgotten like her.

She read that Love had declined to attend.

Honor had not been invited.

Innocence is gone.

Deirdra Barnes
Seattle, WA


They had known each other a few years.

She was nice. He knew she liked him.

But she was just average-looking. He couldn’t settle for that.

One weekend, she asked him to the movies. She was intelligent, funny, easy to be with.

After four months of dating, she became a stunning beauty.

John Bassi
Santa Maria

And my favorite:


"Victim’s blood is completely drained, apparently through two small puncture wounds in the neck," said the coroner.

"Hey … you don’t suppose it’s, you know, the real deal?" asked his assistant.

"No, just some psycho."

"You sure?"

They stared at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing–but stopped when the corpse laughed, too.

Ross Lesko
Lakewood, OH

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