Sunday, January 08, 2006

Corruption Index: Thailand Government Is 56th Most Corrupted Out Of 130 Countries Surveyed

Thailand's score is 6.7 where 0 is the least corrupted and 10 is the most corrupted.

(DEFINITION: Relates to perceptions of the degree of corruption as seen by business people, academics and risk analysts, and ranges between 0 (highly clean) and 10 (highly corrupt). Includes police corruption, business corruption, political corruption, etc. Data for 2003.)

The most corrupted countries are:

#1 Bangladesh
#2 Nigeria
#3 Haiti
#4 Burma
#5 Paraguay
#6 Azerbaijan
#7 Cameroon
#8 Tajikistan
#9 Angola
#10 Georgia

The least corrupted countries are (#130 = least corrupted):

#130 Finland
#129 Iceland
#128 Denmark
#127 New Zealand
#126 Singapore
#125 Sweden
#124 Netherlands
#123 Norway
#122 Australia
#121 Switzerland

China (#63) is rated to be less corrupted than Thailand, contrary to most Thai's perception.

Cry, my beloved country. The wheel of Karma is turning way too slowly.

(On the other hand, there is a talk about re-instituting Khun Ying Jaruvan Maintaka to her office to fight the rampant corruption in Thailand again. I will believe it when I see it done.)

By the way, do you know that when Thai government is signing the FTA (Free Trade Agreements) with various countries, the agreements are not reviewed by the paliament? This stinks like Enron or Worldcom situations. Power without accountability does poison the human mind.

Anyway, my 92-year old grandma insists that Karma exists and the wicked will be punished. I say it better works before the wicked die because if the wheel of Karma requires reincarnation, it would be effectively as if there is no Karma at all, since nobody remembers their past lives anyway. (I personally believe that when I die, "I" will just ceast to exist and my former body will be either dust, ash, animals', plants', bacteria's food, or combination of the above. That's why I need to see bad deeds punished before the perpetrators die.)

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