Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another Site Of Well-Designed Products

I linked to a site that exhibits clever/well-designed stuffs before.

Here is another such site. It's by Don Norman, the author of an interesting book called "The Design of Everyday Things". There are many interesting essays by Professor Norman that you can read at the site too.

Professor Norman is a cognitive scientist who does not bullshit, thus having quite valuable insight into how human-product interaction should work. In my experience, people with good psychology training (who do not bullshit) tend to be better than most people at writing specifications for software systems.

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BTW, my partner MindFireInc's flagship product, LookWho'sClicking, is designed by my amazing friend Matt who is also a straight-talking psychologist. So far, the customers are quite happy with how they interact with the software. We are also doing improvements that will make customers even happier in 2006. If you do any marketing via the Internet at all, you should check them out.

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