Friday, September 23, 2005

Corruption & "Thailand's Iron Lady" (My Heroine)

"Corruption is truly a national priority. Unless this gets better Thailand is going to stall out. You could get away with it before, but not now with the economy at the level it is."

Michael E. Porter,
a world famous strategy professor/guru,
revered by top Thailand's politicians,
at a seminar in Bangkok in 2005.

Now, this is from the Associated Press:

Thailand's 'Iron Lady' Pressured to Resign

The biggest problem for Jaruvan Maintaka is that she knows too much — about corrupt politicians, shady tycoons and multimillion-dollar rip-offs. And that may well cost Thailand's "Iron Lady" her job as the country's first auditor-general.

Jaruvan has been locked out of her office and had her salary frozen, but she refuses to resign unless King Bhumibol Adulyadej endorses the government's pick to replace her. In a move with few precedents, the revered constitutional monarch hasn't signed off on the nomination.
The case has heightened political tensions, generated debate about possible rifts between the government and Royal Palace and focused the spotlight on massive corruption in and around the regime of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

"Jaruvan's tenacity in going after big-time crooks has become the stuff of legend," The Nation newspaper wrote recently. "With only half of her term gone she has amassed a menagerie of adversaries — from vested interests to corrupt politicians — and in the process became a target for elimination."

Cry, my beloved country. The wheel of Karma is turning way too slowly.

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