Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A New Word Today: Kong-Fu

If you have not seen Peter Jackson's King Kong, the greatest love story between a giant ape and a very beautiful actress, please skip the following spoiler.


Kong-Fu: The martial art used by Kong when he defended Ann Darrow from the T-Rexes in the movie King Kong.


The movie looks great but since I have seen previous King Kong movies many times, there is no new story to surprise me. It's also probably too scary for young children. The best thing for me is to look at Ann and Kong. (Ann, because she is pretty; Kong, because he was rendered so well.)

Ann Darrow is played by the very beautiful Naomi Watts. I was waiting for her to be a big movie star since I first saw her a decade ago. (I think her best movie is David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. If you like a haunting story, you might want to try it too.)

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