Thursday, November 01, 2007

Educate Yourself And Your Children With World-Class Lectures

Peteris Krumins, a young physics student from Latvia, collects a lot of links to great talks and lectures about science and programming and put them on his Free Science and Video Lectures Online! site. You might find something interesting under the "Avalable Lectures" section on the right side.

Now anybody in the world who can understand English and has access to the Internet can be self-educated with these world-class videos, thanks to the magic of the WWW, the generosity of the lecturers and their employers, and people like Peteris who collect them for our consumption.


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1. I also found talks at TED very informative and entertaining. A great source of ideas and inspiration.

2. When will the people who invented the Internet and the World Wide Web win a Nobel Prize?

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