Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Best Definition Of Web Services :-D

Web Services (noun): A software development meme that espouses the notion of tying together disparate software components via a crude, non-typesafe, remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism that consists of sending and receiving data encoded in an excessively verbose, plaintext format (XML) over a largely inelegant, stateless file transfer protocol (HTTP).

I found the above definition in the Bourne Shell Server Pages website.

Additional choice quotes:

"The basic idea behind all server page technologies is this: rather than writing code that generates an HTML document on-the-fly by writing it out as a series of print statements, you start with a "skeleton" HTML document and embed the code right inside it. Voila! Instead of having a tangled, unreadable, unmaintainable mess of HTML embedded in source code, you have a tangled, unreadable, unmaintainable mess of source code embedded in HTML."

"Bourne Shell Server Pages are ordinary ASCII text files, with the special extension .shit, which denotes "Shell-Interpreted Template." The result of invoking the page compiler on a .shit file, is, naturally, a shell script. (It occurred to me that this file extension might seem objectionable to some, but since it quite accurately—if unintentionally—conveyed my sentiments toward Web technology in general, I decided that it should be left unchanged.)"

"Despite the fact that building Web applications is about as enjoyable as having one's private parts caught in a cement mixer, it continues to be an extremely popular software development paradigm."

"Installation is left as an exercise for the reader."

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