Wednesday, May 02, 2007

One More Step Toward My Cyborg Future!

This IBM's report indicates that their scientists used the 4096-processor BlueGene/L supercomputer to simulate 8 million neurons of mouse brain with 6,300 synapses per neuron at 1/10 the real-time speed.

Human brain has about 100,000 million neurons, so there is a factor of 12,500 in the number of neurons to go, and a factor of 10 for the simulation speed. Let's say we need 1,000,000 times more computing power to simulate the human brain in real time, that will take only 20 doublings in processing power to achieve. Therefore, a supercomputer in 20-30 years might be able to simulate a human brain!

Further understanding of how the states of the brain are stored in neuron configurations, and how to read the state of a living human and upload the state to the simulator would be the limiting steps in our ability to backup our brain states.

Hopefully, in the next few decades, nanotech + biotech will allow us to either repair our biological body or build a more durable artificial body for our backup brain states.

I think if I can live another 40-50 years, I will be able to upload and backup myself repeatedly to live for a really long time.

I might as well dream a little bit more. I might even download my brain to a diplodocus body with Titus in an allosaurus body and we can really walk with the dinosaurs. Maybe I can live for a while in a plesiosaur body to reduce my fear of the ocean. :-)

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