Friday, September 25, 2009

How To Waste Hours In 3 Easy Steps

1. Go to and download Picasa 3.5 (not the 3.0 or 3.1 version.)
2. Tell Picasa to recognize people's faces in your collection of photographs.
3. When Picasa is not sure about a face, it will ask you whether a face belongs to someone. This is where you will spend hours. Very addictive.


1. I know that iPhoto '09 already has this feature, but I switched to Picasa 3 many months ago because iPhoto '08 was gobbling up my disk space. Whenever I made a small adjustment (like straighten, lighten, etc.), iPhoto created a copy of the original. Soon, I was running out of disk to store my photographs. Picasa is more forgiving in this regard since it only stores the commands that I want to apply to the original pictures, not copies of the pictures. Also, I didn't buy iLife '09 (in which iPhoto '09 can be found) either.

2. Picasa runs on Mac and Windows. Within 2 hours of installing it on my Mac, I told my wife and she got it running on her Windows machine. Since then, both of us have been classifying unknown faces like crazy.

3. Titus had a lot of fun clicking faces to help Picasa.

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