Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Focused Radiation From Nuclear Fusion Explosion*

This phenomenon is also known as focusing sun light.

Once again, Krit sent me very interesting links.  This time, it's about focusing sun light to burn stuffs.

The first one is how MIT students performed a feasibility study of the legend that Archimedes of Syracuse (the Eureka guy, an inventor of integral calculus and other genius stuffs) used sun light to burn enemy's ships.  Let me show you the final result:

The other is about how a parabolic satellite dish can be converted into a "Light Sharpener" that can burn and boil stuffs very quickly:

I went through all 23 pages of the project.  It's very instructive and entertaining.

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* The sun is basically a nuclear fusion bomb that is too heavy to blow apart.

When people asked me my opinion about whether we should have nuclear power in Thailand, I always said I like it very much as long as the reactor is a fusion reactor 8.3 light-minutes (150 million kilometers) away.

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