Friday, January 11, 2008

Ah, What A Sweet Memory!

My first computer, the Atari 400, is one of the top ten computers with the worst keyboards!

I got it when I was 12. The price was 12,000 baht which was a large sum at the time. I went to Hong Kong for the first time with my family and we bought it there. I told my grandpa that it was for education when in fact it had a big library of games. (I even told him about eye-hand coordination while I was commanding a starship in the excellent Star Raiders game.)

The funny thing is, I played games less and less and programmed more and more for the next few years. I learned English out of necessity to understand how to program that computer in BASIC. I made some stupid chasing games and plotted many pretty (in my opinion) curves. On the other hand, those curves must look really bad now with the resolution I used then (320x192) compared to what I have now (1440x900 to 1680x1050.) Very amazing what a 1.79 megahertz CPU and 8 kilobytes of RAM could do.

I didn't even notice that its keyboard was bad.

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