Thursday, March 09, 2006

Animations Of Various Engines

I remember that when I was in highschool, I must remember how various car engines work to pass some stupid tests. That was totally painful and not at all fun.

Today I found this web site showing very cool animations of how various types of engine work.

Learning is fun again.

I guess having to know something to pass a test is not a good way to learn things. Learning should be a reward, not a duty.

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Tawinan said...

There isn't fun learning in thai school. This is a problem of thia education today. Teacher here don't try to improve their skill. Student don't fight to learn. Government don't
know the real problems. In my classroom when I was in highschool, there is only a boring class. I study some subject 6 years and these 6 years in these subject I study the same every year(English and Buddhism).

But I am lucky, because I found a good teacher;so I can stand here today.