Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Democracy Radio Is Back!

FM 92.25, the Democracy Radio, has a streaming audio website at

For the past few weeks, I could not listen to the site at all probably because the bandwidth was exhausted. Listening via normal radio is very challenging since there is a lot of interference from silly country music stations and the Ministry of Culture's even sillier broadcast.

Today, we have a clear signal from the website. Let's see how it will do tomorrow.

For those of you who understand Thai and would like to hear a fresh news perspective (as opposed to the news perspectives warped by self consorship induced by economic/political pressures), you can check it out.

Stupid & Evil News of the Day Dept: A man was reported by Thai police to have committed suicide. He has 4 bullets in his chest and one in his head. News in Thai. They must think we are buffaloes. (Buffaloes = fools in Thai, although it is extremely unfair to the buffaloes.)


Thai Radio said...

That's a really good radio !

Thai Radio said...

I don't like that much:
they look toomuch Japanese for me...