Wednesday, June 25, 2014

(พยายาม)ทำไอศครีม (พยายาม)ปรับปรุงแอร์น้ำแข็ง เล่นตะเกียบลม

ย้ายไป แล้วครับ


Joshua Greene said...

Great activities and demonstrations. The kids clearly loved it. You were a rock star with the coanda effect demo!

Speaking of which, I'll have to have you explain it with some diagrams when I see you next. As far as I have figured out so far:
(1) the airflow from the blower prefers to flow along the curved surface of the ball
(2) By newton's third law, this means the surface is drawn toward the flow (except, I guess, for the point on the ball directly along the ray of the blower)
(3) because the ball is symmetrical with respect to the ray of the blower, the net force from (2) is back along the ray of the blower.

is that a good way to think about it?
My intuition is that this explanation doesn't capture the fact that the system is so stable.

Ko Saipetch said...

Let's discuss this in person with diagrams :-)