Wednesday, June 04, 2014

ไปคุยกับเด็กๆเรื่องโลกและดวงอาทิตย์ กิจกรรมภาพลวงตา หัดทำคอปเตอร์กระดาษ

ย้ายไป แล้วครับ


Joshua Greene said...

Fantastic topics. Illusions seem a great way to introduce the question about evidence and observation: can we trust what we see? In science, the answer is "no" and we use other tools and instruments to take measurements. In law, however, eye-witness testimony is considered very powerful evidence, but what did they really see and how sure can we be?

This hollow mask illusion is my favourite that you might not have seen:

Even though I know what I should see, my eye+brain always misinterprets. In a way, it is similar to the spinning shadow that can be perceived to go either direction.

Here's a nice collection of optical illusions:

This is part of a series made by Ze Frank, an amazingly creative person. His shows are worth watching but, you might not like the language he uses for watching with the children.

See you soon!

Ko Saipetch said...

Thank you, Josh!

I plan to let the kids play around with a version of the hollow face illusion (the dragon cut-out) some time in the future.

Ze Frank's video is hilarious :-D