Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thaksin Virus Is Gone!!!

It's a very good news to hear that Thaksin is no longer the Prime Minister of Thailand.

Some of my friends from the US might think that having a military coup to topple Thaksin is a step backward for Thailand's democracy. However, I would like to point out that Thaksin's massive abuse of power, destruction of check-and-balance mechanisms, control of media propagandas, and election frauds, have already damaged Thailand's democracy to the ground. Besides, the US has a bigger problem with Bush's reign.

Now, the people of Thailand should be stronger and more self-reliant in fighting corruption and building a better society. We emerged from Thaksin crisis a stronger people :-)

It's great that the virus didn't overwhelm the immune system.

1 comment:

Realist said...

You moron. I hope you enjoy living under a military junta who are painfully-obvious whores to America. Enjoy Thailand being a puppet state beholden to the most vile piece of shit on the planet, the U.S. Wow, what a step forward right? Going from a democratically-elected prime minister to a military dictatorship overnight, one that will ensure America's needs are met above those of the Thai people. It is morons like you that the U.S. and its asskissing lackeys like the junta depend on to be too cowardly to think for yourselves. If the people of Thailand realized that their country is now being whored out to America's interests they would tear the junta apart.