Thursday, October 20, 2005

How To Delete "Invisible" Emails In Opera M2 Outbox

My favorite email client is Opera M2 which is integrated with the Opera Browser. The advertised features from its webpage are:

Opera Mail is integrated with the Opera browser, and lets you send, receive, sort and search your e-mails quicker and easier than with conventional e-mail programs.

It might sound a bit vague but go to the M2 page for more specific examples of why it is quicker and easier than with conventional e-mail programs. I highly recommend you try it.

That said, today I encountered an annoyance that took me some time to fix and I'm recording this so that the next person would not have to waste as much time.

I tried to send a email to too many recipients. My mail server rejected it so the email is supposed to be shown in M2's Outbox. When I look into the Outbox, I cannot see any email but Outbox thinks it has one email to send still (by showing the number one behind its caption.) I could not edit my recipient list so the email is stuck in the Outbox.

I searched the Internet for the same problem but couldn't find anything, probably because the solution is trivial once you know it. I solved the problem by using M2's own excellent full-text search capability. By searching for some recipients and text in the email, I could finally see the email in the search result. From there, I could edit it and sent it without any more problem.

Despite this trivial problem, I would still insist that you try M2. You might like it.

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Eric Winter said...

I'm having the same problem. I've seen something similar before. I think it is because I have my messages filtered and some of the filters filter both from and to AND say Mark Messages as Filtered... I have to go into all of the filters to see where the unsent outbound message is... if I find one (a to: without a check next to it), and I send it, the count in my outbox goes down by one (even though there are no messages visible when I click into the outbox).

Seems like a bug to me. There ought to be a way to view all of your outbox messages, regardless of whether they are in filters as well.