Sunday, September 04, 2005

T. Rex Might Have Had Feathers

This is certainly the most exciting discovery for me, considering how ingrained the images of T. Rex are. (I have not seen the pictures of the fossils though, so it might not actually be feathers.)

According to the Times (Britain):

The feather revelation follows a series of discoveries in fossil beds at Liaoning in northeast China where a volcanic eruption buried many dinosaurs alive. It also cut off the oxygen that would otherwise have rotted them away. Some theropod (“beast-footed”) dinosaurs were preserved complete with feathery plumage. Theropod is the name given to predatory creatures that walked upright on two legs, balanced by a long tail. The feathered finds include an early tyrannosaur, a likely ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex, two small flying dinosaurs and five other predators. Feathers are thought to have evolved first to keep dinosaurs warm and only later as an aid to flight.

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