Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Physics Notes in Thai & A New Huge Book

My friend Professor Piyapong wrote a few physics notes in Thai about mechanics, electromagnetism, and relativity and made them available on the web. If you wish you had more physics education in your highschool or college and you can read Thai, you can view and download them here.

On a related note, I ordered Roger Penrose's new tome, "The Road to Reality : A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe." I think I will spend the next year or so looking through it. I hope I would get more satisfaction from it than from Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science." That book is so hand-wavy I couldn't get any meaty science from it. However, keep in mind that Wolfram created Mathematica, a great computer program that is to higher math what a calculator is to division, so there is still a slim possibility that his book contains important truths that most readers missed. (Full text and images from A New Kind of Science are also available.)

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