Sunday, September 30, 2007

If You Have To Die, Try To Die In Chilled Liquid

It seems that injecting cold saline solution into the body after the heart stops can prevent enough cell death that you can be resurrected!

There is another related news article about reviving the dead here.

Here is an excerpt from the first news article:

61-year-old Bill Bondar is living proof that people can be brought back from the dead.

"I didn't know I died, I didn't feel anything, I still don't believe it," Bill said.

"I looked at his face, and I was looking at a dead man," Bill's wife Monica said.

It happened just after the couple left a jam session. Bill collapsed outside their home, lifeless.

"That was the most frightening thing I ever saw in my life and I knew my husband was gone. He was gone," said Monica.

Paramedics were able to restart his heart, but that's just part of the battle. Cells continue to die, and there can be damage to vital organs like the brain, that could be fatal.

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