Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Wife Discovered Flickr and Tabblo

Click here to go to our pictures at Flickr.
Click here to go to our pictures at Tabblo.

I personally like Tabblo better because it is very easy for us to arrange pictures on the pages.  It is also made with my favorite programming language, Python.  (Well, Python and a lot of Javascript, I suppose.)


Kiattisak said...

And yours is featured on Tabblo's front page!

And Titus is cute. :)

Ko Saipetch said...

Thank you :-)
Aor (my wife) must be doing a LOT of Tabblos to get on the the front page! ha ha ha

Komut said...

please send us a bigger clear picture of your two kids..
P'Nue and Auntie Paew
at the same e-mail address

Komut said...

please mail my mom back at

Komut said...

Pls. give my best regards to Dr.Keth and Auntie Somchitr and Kay and Kik..and Aor too