Sunday, January 28, 2007


Scientists asked virus to assemble very small wires to be used inside high-capacity lithium-ion batteries!

After so much stupidity, incompetence, corruption, and just plain evil exhibited by most politicians and officials involved with the construction of our 4-month-old-and-already-falling-apart-4-BILLION-US-DOLLAR Suvarnabhumi airport, it's uplifting to see ingenuity and inventiveness exhibited by our species.


Kiattisak said...

บทความที่เดอะเนชั่นดูถึงพริกถึงขิงมากเลยครับ :D

Ko Saipetch said...

I think the article at Nation is harsh but fair. I hope evil deeds get punished. Otherwise, how else we can teach the children? :-D