Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why Geeks Make Good Fathers, Super Stone Skipping, and FakeAlibi Service

When I showed my wife this link about "Top ten reasons Geeks make good fathers", she laughed out loud and told me that I possessed a lot of traits in the list of reasons, especially Lego, math, up on technology, science fair projects, and toy assembly.

One of the things a geek might enjoy is stone skipping. My personal record is 7 skips before the stone disappeared in water. The Guinness World Record holder is Kurt Steiner, with 40 skips! You have to go to this website and see the videos!

On a totally unrelated topic, for those of you contemplating about cheating your significant other, see this article about a service that will provide you with perfect alibi for your affairs.

From the article:

The standard alibi package is an invitation to a fake conference, seminar and/or training weekend sent to your address, along with a false hotel booking confirmation. FakeAlibi will also supply a telephone number, which, if rung by an inquisitive significant other, will be answered by an agent pretending to be a hotel receptionist or seminar organiser. (A similar website in America,, will even send a certificate of completion of whichever course you're supposed to have been on to your home afterwards, plus a class photo with you in it.)


Goulding says that FakeAlibi already boasts 21,000 satisfied customers, the incorrigibles among them paying a fixed monthly retainer. An average job, according to their promotional material, will cost you £49.99. The website employs four full-time managers and has 600 retained "operatives" around the world, most of whom have other jobs.

Considering that they also provide private investigation services, I wonder whether there will be any conflict of interest among their clients.

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